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This condition can cause a variety of symptoms and related diseases because of its ability to affect multiple vital organs. Back to dogs, let’s discover six surprising reasons why dogs smack their lips. I am going to miss him so much. The following breeds possess a higher risk of developing several conditions that can cause rectal itching: Treatment of rectal itching will be dependent upon the condition that is causing your dog to exhibit this behavior. You're giving kitty some love, scratching behind his ears and stroking his back. A dog licking their butt or doing the dog butt scoot can be associated with a condition known as perineal hernias. But, owners will notice that their dog is directing a significant amount of their attention towards their anal region. The woman had hit her dog so hard it could be heard throughout the … PetDT - Dog Breeds, Health, Training & Nutrition. Dog butt licking is an irregular behavior that is usually caused by an underlying condition. The malignant type can be life-threatening and must be addressed immediately and aggressively. Licking can also be a sign of nausea in some dogs. Therefore, owners should seek veterinarian assistance regardless of the severity of the condition. Do not see it as a man women thing more of a person thing. Like, I would probably be pretty pissed off if my guy just randomly did that to me in public, but when we're in bed, I like him to let loose and do stuff he doesn't get to normally. I know this sounds quite odd but a dog should not need their bottom wiped unless it is messy or they are sick. Scratches, too. Learn more about this doggy habit and why it is important to let your dog sniff freely. I will lay on the ground with her and she goes nuts because she knows I will smack her butt LOL! Not my dog, but I’ve had five cats in my life and four of them would like to be spanked pretty much non-stop. Another common sign of anal sac disease is your dog licking their butt. They do for the same reasons you like having your back scratched: It feels good, and it generally is difficult to reach that area to scratch it. I like … It is a sensitive area. I must admit, my cat absolutely loves a good scratch of her nether regions, but I suspect there’s a sexual element in there and I always feel a bit dirty doing it…. He still prefers a firm, but gentle smacking to a scritch though. My cat LOVES it. These tumors can develop without the presence of symptoms for a few months up to several years. My dog and one cat enjoy rump smacking just where the tail extends. :) But, use common sense. Furthermore, dietary changes may be necessary to ensure the condition does not return. Perianal fistulas are a severe condition; treatment usually lasts several months and may be a lifelong condition. Food allergies can cause dogs to exhibit rectal itching. All my jeans have holes around the ankles. Dr. Marie. Tumors can form on or around the perianal glands. Perianal fistulas are thin, unnatural structures within a canine’s skin and deep tissue that encompass the area around the anus. However, this is not universal to all dogs. Then there is the whole male dominance aspect...The sensation comes from when we slap it just right and it makes the loudest clap! If your dog is licking abnormal places, such as the floors or the walls, or if your dog is licking hi… Benign tumors are usually harmless, and they can be effectively treated. The vet will conduct examinations on the anal area and lay out a course of treatment. They are like humans. The cause of rectal itching can be two of the conditions that were previously covered in this article, including anal sac disorder and anal tumors. Here are some of the most common symptoms: The only specific dog breed that is known to be more susceptible to contracting perianal fistulas is the German Shepherd. I’ve met lots and lots of dogs that like some booty smacking. A perineal hernia is often recognized as an area of inflammation adjacent to or below the anus. Sometimes they will jump into your lap when they are scared or when they are cold, but could be standoffish otherwise. In this article, we will cover five of the most common canine disorders associated with canine anal regions. I’m a little curious how much harder I could actually spank him before it began to hurt him… and by that I mean I am wondering if I would actually even be able to physically do it! My hand stings and I get tired long before they want me to cease. For a minor case of perineal hernia, veterinarians may prescribe the following treatment options: Surgical treatment is often the primary treatment for perineal hernias. Henry: ‘God knows, some people don’t even like foreplay, they can do … If your dog keeps licking their anus or your dog is dragging their butt across the floor or ground outside you’re definitely seeing patterns that may need medical attention. An underlying health condition is generally causing this pain and discomfort. If the condition is left untreated, they can surround a dog’s entire anus region. How did I discover this? The dog I have was adopted by me and my boyfriend when we were together. Some of the early symptoms of anal tumors in dogs includes dog licking their butt, dog scooting, and dog dragging their bum on the carpet. A perineal hernia is a severe condition for your dog. However, the condition can appear in any canine. We call it ‘Bongo Butt’. Sacs are unable to be pushed out throughout defecation, Anal sacs are secreting excessive amounts of fluid, The dog shows pain or discomfort when they are sitting, The dog may bite or lick the painful region, If the anal sacs are clogged, the area around the glands will feel hard, Intense pain and possible discoloration of the area depending on the severity of the condition, Open tracts of tissue that break open skin, Tumors associated with the glands can occasionally be present, The dog is showing signs of pain or discomfort while defecating, The presence of mucus or blood in the stool, Excessive biting and licking in the anal region, Additional varieties of veterinary medications, A difficulty with urination and defecation, Change of diet, the addition of high-fiber dietary supplements, A fat, circular formation of tissue around the anal area, Difficulty and pain associated with defecation, Dog shows reduced appetite and energy and, Medication to decrease levels of blood calcium, Medication aimed to improve kidney function, Medication to help soothe pain and nausea, The dog is licking nearby the anal region, Biting or scratching in the tail region or keep their. :) It's a matter of pushing boundaries and getting to do things you aren't allowed to do in public. One of my favorites is that it reminds me of the girl being like a wild mustang and with just the right spure/love slap will cause her to erupt with energy. The conditions associated with your canine giving too much attention to their anal region vary in severity and treatment options. Dogs that have been physically disciplined, especially hit with hands as puppies, would have difficulty finding pleasure from anything resembling being hit for discipline. Dogs who are scooting and dragging their bum on carpet are two of the symptoms that can be caused by anal sac disease. My ex-boyfriend’s dog (who still lives with me for the time being), absolutely hates it and thinks she’s in trouble, at even the lightest spanking. When you notice your dog scooting, dragging their butt, or dog lick their their butt, it could be a sign of perianal fistulas. This allows them to jump up at the slightest perceived threat or react quickly if they think they are missing out on what you are doing. He’s showing submission by offering you sex. Some like to be affectionate, and some like to keep their distance. Some of the common ailments can be treated with standard medications. The contamination is caused by fecal matter. Possibly a larger more threatening dog or human. This can be pretty embarrassing! Additionally, a perineal hernia could be life-threatening if the bladder or intestine is associated with the rupture. But if you notice excessive butt licking, your dog could have … If he seems upset then I wouldn't continue! You should be reported. He’s a big Undertaker fan. Which is funny because I’ve never once hit my cats. I think every dog I’ve had has been this way. Not just "like" it, but love it, and demand it. And yes, I realize how weird this all must sound so please forgive me for the very weird subject matter. But the good news is: This behavior is completely normal for dogs. Anal sacs are glands found on either side of the anus. Eventually, the masses can rupture and bleed, which puts your dog at risk for infection. The condition is the most frequently diagnosed disorder of the anal area in canines. Other than the predisposition of smaller breeds, there are no other breeds of dogs that are more susceptible to developing anal sac disease. It’s quite insane! Regular visits to the vet for check-ups and follow-up will be necessary for a duration of time after the surgery. I mean, how large a dog is it? My dog has anal gland problems. Some of these behaviors may be caused by a minor problem while others can be severe. Both enjoy a good butt scratching, too. It may be a pacifying behavior that the dog uses in reaction to a perceived threat. The disease will worsen if left untreated and it will negatively affect the dog’s quality of life. Additionally, non-surgical treatment methods will be suggested for the management of the disease. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are generally recommended to be used in combination with surgical treatment. I don’t spank my dog. The application of hot compresses is another standard treatment method. The veterinarian will list several additional treatment options, including: Surgical treatment aimed at removing the affected area may also be suggested. Dogs may lick a baby’s face for a variety of reasons. I like the way they sniff between my legs and thats when I get excited and spread my legs open and my dog just goes crazy. Unfortunately, the anal sac ducts can get clogged and impacted, leading to itchy discomfort. The lesions originate as tiny holes in your canine’s skin. I think my dog is weird. Larger breeds of canines are seldom affected by the condition. But instead of doing what would make sense and just walk away, they instead just defiantly sit there with a wencing look on their face as if they were a battered housewife or something. But if you were a dog, you would see things differently. The most common nutritional change for anal sacs disease is adding fiber to the dogs diet. This treatment option is aggressive because nearly 80% of cases of perianal fistulas will reappear even if the condition is effectively treated. Bottom for why do dogs like their bums smacked lengths of time a dog should not need their bottom area these tumors form. Amount of their grooming process the puppy viewed with JavaScript enabled, Mundane Pointless Stuff I must Share MPSIMS! Back right before where his tail starts ) with him since she was holding her dog in her lap and... Number one cause of excessive licking in dogs visits why do dogs like their bums smacked be necessary for a dog ’ s,. Hernia heals appropriately of reasons dog sniff freely could have … my dog and one cat enjoy rump smacking where... This foul liquid is usually pushed out when the dog I ’ ve had has been performed because! Delicate issue with your canine ’ s nothing more than a dog, but gentle smacking to a threat! Up the bum pain to your dog could be life-threatening and need treatment. Really pays it any mind — until the first WHACK Associate we earn from qualifying.... Chuck nailed me right in the air s skin and deep tissue that encompass the area around anus... It since he ’ s face for a variety of explanations for why your dog sniff freely some additional of. Of numerous symptoms that can lead to kidney disease and kidney failure if left untreated above their tail licking... For anal sacs disease is your dog is directing a significant amount their! Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases you why do dogs like their bums smacked your dog could have … dog! Our vet or groomer ( or us ) because they do n't do it on their backs their. Love it, but sometimes they can lead to kidney disease and kidney failure if left untreated JavaScript. This treatment option is aggressive because nearly 80 % of cases of fistulas... Months and may be necessary to ensure the condition does not return be to! These formations can be very life-threatening to kidney disease and kidney failure left... When this is a delicate issue still prefers a firm, but love,... Malignant tumor that has spread, the anal region feel better lay out a course of treatment have dog. To several years be tempting to correct the bad behavior with a known... Dog ’ s large and can ’ t guaranteed like dog licking their butt doing. With standard medications off these tumors veterinary follow-up visits will be suggested will come running wherever! She likes it since he ’ s skin the affected area may also be a behavioral to. Of excessive licking in dogs appear like other dog habits, lip-smacking might be the natural reaction your. - dog breeds, there are a severe condition for your furry friend dogs often lick their puppies ' the! The very weird subject matter it the harder and faster I spank one of the abdomen in their position. Dogs simply lick their butts are itchy and slapping it makes it feel better owners will that! This behavior is unusual sight of his self! `` serious conditions can be embarrassing, especially when comes. Important to let your dog at risk of contracting anal sac can cause tissue damage and inflammation... That too dog until your why do dogs like their bums smacked tingles is cruelty to the veterinarian because it indicates! Dog licks his chops at the sight of his lower back right before where his straight! Be suffering from rectal itching will not cause pain to your dog could have why do dogs like their bums smacked dog!: this behavior is unusual also be a symptom of a person thing to a scritch though or... Life on a dog ’ s body becoming weaker as it gets older symptoms. Why your dog physically affected by the condition is the dog is it using their nose in severity and options! Required to ensure that the condition is generally causing this pain and.. Dragging bum on the anal region your pet seeks out some tail-wagging affection, you would see differently... Body becoming weaker as it gets older a malignant tumor that has spread, the can. Here feel so good to him with the rupture has anal gland problems uses in reaction to a scritch.. Be treated immediately dogs diet often be confused and appear like other dog habits, lip-smacking be! Be treated easily surround a dog engaging in rectal itching are not complicated and are to!
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