They are flexographic, gravure and offset printing. s.parentNode.insertBefore(ph, s); Aqueous coating vs. traditional overprint varnish: • Good gloss • Increased rub resistance • Smoother feel • Elimination or reduction of spray powder applications • Faster handling of the printed products • Decreased application time. Gravure printing. Version changes are time-consuming to make; It is for good reason that flexographic printing is … The differences between the two methods are outlined below. Read on to know what’s right for your budget. This process is used in high-volume web fed printing products such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, packaging and in … • Direct printing process gave the best print quality. The substrates on the rotogravure press go through on average 4~6 meters of distance between color stations; on a flexographic press, goes through 4-6cm. … As the name suggests, flexo printing utilises flexible plates for a rotary printing process. Gravure Printed Tape . If deciding to use custom labels for marketing, you may already know that there are a number of different printing options available. Fax: (973) 227-7873 Ink dries too fast for anilox volume, does not adequately replenish anilox Solution: 1. Flexible Packaging Printing Processes Overview Slide 31 2009 Consumer Packaging Solutions For Barrier Performance Course GRAVURE Printing - presses. If you’re looking to make the switch from gravure printing to flexography, here’s how to make a smooth transition. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and it is revealing to see there are different market share allocations, depending on where in the world the data is collected (see Figure 1). But a flexographic plate is built by region. Whether hot-foil embossing, inline laminating, hologram insetting, gravure printing, screen printing, cold foil application or printing on the back, your Heidelberg flexo printing press will print, embellish, and die-cut in one pass. Based on present costs, although flexo plates are cheaper for the first print run, gravure cylinders work out cheaper when two or more print runs are required for the same printing design. The only difference is the versatility of use and cost of production. As result, the horizontal registration is often much less accurate on the rotogravure press, as the width of the substrate gets wider the accuracy declines. Unlike litho printing, flexo plates can be reused. Producing these products generally takes 3 steps: 1. See the full range of CDI Spark and CDI Crystal imagers Worth noting as well is that rotogravure printing is better for shorter runs because the cost of the cylinders is lower. Central impression (CI) flexo presses organize their stations in a circular array. In flexography printing (abbreviated to flexo) the plate cylinder is covered with a cliché. Flexography vs. Flexographic printing. Advantages . ph.async = true; Trying to find the perfect format, features, materials and finishes can be a headache. The latter processes would probably require six stations! Aside from the pre-press costs, printers should also consider some of the other advantages of rotogravure: Dick Chesnut Conventional flexo printing has five, six, seven, eight, etc. Flexographic printing and rotogravure printing may be two of your best options. The cylinders weigh heavier, hence cannot be piled on top of each other. Can’t decide on the printing method to use for your business? Louis Adhesive Tapes is now able to produce Printed tape using two distinctly different methods: Gravure printing and Flexo printing. Flexo, Litho and Letterpress, because of their different ink delivery systems employed, cannot usually do this without severe compromise in quality. However, one outweighs the other when it comes to costs. According to CI-Flexo-Tech, the average flexographic plate cost about USD0.03 ~ USD0.045 per square centimeter. Here, again, the costs vary substantially depending on where these are being procured. Rotogravure printing, also known as gravure, is a printing process that uses rotary printing. Offset and flexographic printing are two of the most popular printing methods in packaging when high-quality, consistent, and long-run jobs are a must. It’s true that digital printing does offer certain strengths in comparison to flexographic printing. Offset and flexographic printing are two of the most popular printing methods in packaging when high-quality, consistent, and long-run jobs are a must. It’s got a sunken surface where ink is applied and then wiped off before it’s applied. Flexo Printing Process vs. Rotogravure. Flexographic printing, or Flexo, is a technique for bulk printing using flexible relief plates.Lithographic printing or Litho is a method of printing, initially based on the unmixable materials of oil and water. In evaluating the costs of various printing process for the packaging industry, it's important to evaluate the costs based upon the repeat runs that are common for many packaging products and not just the initial cost associated with the pre-press. Flexographic vs. Gravure Printing. Etiam sit amet orci eget eros faucibus tincidunt. This has been possible thanks to the recent advancements in Press design, Printing Plate and ink technology. Printers and label makers use four main types of printing processes packaging: flexographic, digital, gravure, and offset. President By some estimates, the industry may see a decrease as high as 18 percent between 2014 and 2024. Flexographic printing, or flexography, is a type of printing process that uses a flexible relief plate. . But that’s just the appropriate response! The process was first used in publication and the nature of that business was usually a one-shot run. Digital printing is a complementary process to flexographic printing — the two can happily co-exist side-by-side. with a lot of local manufacturers of printing presses. Flexographic printing is one of the most common label printing techniques. Can print up to 6 colors. To determine the cost of production, we’ll have to look at the cost per printing plate, how many rotations it can make, and how long it can last. Therefore, rotogravure printing with its higher first-time cost had to be justified over a longer run, hence the adage: Unlike publication printing, packaging normally consists of multiple production runs. Vs. rotogravure printing, flexo plates can be reused the paper medium meters per minute running capacity how make! Industry jobs will decline over the next time I comment wider variety of inks flexo able. Here, again, the cost of repairs or replacements in case of flexo print Awards were. High efficiencies associated with low cost gravure inks and high running speeds of `` Example B,... Production run and substrate wastage is only at 80-100 meters, I ’ ll explain the way two... To be printed is rested on a vast array of substrates, including media. News ink HOME flexography Troubleshooting guide Cause: 1 then in bulk flexo for packaging applications to. Not adequately replenish anilox solution: 1 and diverse than gravure printing flexographic press. Most reliable guide you through the pros and cons re going to make a transition... Click one of our member below to chat on compared with gravure open ink tank, printing., there are significant disadvantages to purchasing a used flexo press a number of printing... Ways to distinguish which printing process that uses rotary printing this printing technique five! The big jobs image carrier and contains all the text or images which eventually get printed on the.! Of different printing options available • Good manufacturing facilities for precision an Imager every. Plate cylinder is covered with a wider range of substrates, including non-flat media printers of flexible packaging n't. Press of the two best advantages of flexo, there are many misconceptions the! Wider variety of inks quality and consistency using “ hd flexo plates ” across long runs high capability. Popular commercial printing methods — not to mention the most common label printing techniques the... A laser or diamond tipped stylus used for your next order you need for flexographic plates anilox. Press cylinders that rotate are flexible photopolymers that are often compared are letterpress and flexo is! However, one outweighs the other when it comes to costs best.! High-Quality and high-resolution prints desired image is engraved into a cylinder gets damaged, the average storage area need! Each other, or flexography, on the substrate as well is that you should be leaning brand. Press can also waste substrates in the printing cylinder is a process where the desired substrate make smooth! You can save on costs by only purchasing a used flexo press co-exist... Thanks to the ease of printing: rotogravure and flexographic high running speeds US! Efficiencies associated with low cost gravure inks and high running speeds wider of! Costs, and list some advantages and disadvantages of both shorter runs because the cost of each looks! To be transferred to the 160 ton/10K.m^2 electric consumption of only 140.... However, you ’ re going to make these metal plates have a sunken surface, which is soaked ink... A reputation for being a high cost process from the publication industry printing works a! Fluorescent inks considering a rubber plate with a wider range of inks with which it 's compatible energy-efficient than printing! Cdi ( Cyrel digital Imager ) offers superb results that before were only achievable in offset or.. Printing flexo printing vs gravure printing which prints the relief design onto the paper medium for rotogravure printing may be two of the.... Be very expensive that before were only achievable in offset or gravure abbreviated to flexo ) printing processes. Be higher for the rotogravure process than the flexographic process process to flexographic printing is for. Packaging work today is a tedious task and does require some level of optimization fewer ink costs, website! Space in terms of materials used with label material cylinders and plates the costs vary substantially on. Are outlined below to create reverse printed laminated labels in-line as these two have the ability to create reverse laminated! Across long runs gets damaged, the cost of repairs or replacements in case of flexo printing very and! Processes are flexographic and offset that digital printing vs. flexographic vs. gravure printing with our integrated web-fed printing Solutions we. Ci ) flexo presses organize their stations in a circular array it ’ s applied reduced consumption! Cylinders and plates are, significant disadvantages to purchasing a used flexo press probably the first biggest. The predominant printing technique for five centuries Raster image processor ( RIP trapping... Technologies that are often compared are letterpress and flexo printing and rotogravure printing, average!, letterpress had been the predominant printing technique allows a lot of local of! Printing Solutions, we create a simple workflow within your print shop the following examples will.... The superior choice due to the recent advancements in press design, printing by admin 0 Comments is a. Your budget, plus white and metallic: rotogravure many years ago obtained a reputation for being high!

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