Hi Lisa, that could work if they are small and have their skins on. I have frozen the next batch is this okay to do or am I better of refrigerating for the next delicious round. Hi Nancy, I have had readers report great results with using cheddar so I think Colby jack cheese would work fine. Please let me know what you think of the recipe! I made them with waxy potatoes and forgot to add the butter when mashing them, but the patties were easy to form regardless. POTATO PANCAKES. That’s just awesome! Some of readers have baked these and said they enjoyed them that way. Mashed potato cakes are a delicious combination of green onions, cheese, and my secret recipe for mashed potatoes. They make grill mates (a mat) that lay over the grill this will help so they don’t fall through the grill rack. In batches, drop heaping spoonfuls of potato mixture into skillet, pressing with a spatula to flatten … copy and pasted into word to print out as all the “pop-ups” are a huge nuisance. Can u Pl tell me substitute for eggs in this recipe. The whole family will love these with a dollop of sour cream! Hi Lori, it can depend on how the mashed potatoes are prepared. Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes. Regards, Hi Anila, you can subscribe to our email updates here. I added chorizo and I was also thinking of adding something spicy like jalapenos next time. I know I’ve done it more times than I can count. My daughter is allergic but it seems like a recipe she would like! A chiffonade of … Hi Nancy, I haven’t tried sweet potatoes but I think it could work. I froze half for another day. This might have to be the first dish of the spring that I incorporate fresh chives into. Light Olive oil or Canola oil to sauté Thank you for watching! Let me know if you test it out – I’m curious! I haven’t experimented baking them to be honest. . Both buttermilk and yogurt are based on milk, which is not Vegan. Made these yesterday for my family, they were so delicious! Doh! Delish!!!!! Oh and i mixed plain with italien bread crumbs. Thank you Natasha for saving my leftover mashed potatoes with your delicious recipe. Can you make these ahead of time and freeze? Oh my! Just wondering if I can freeze any leftovers…if there are any leftovers. What can I substitute to make the patties hold their form? Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers! Ingredients: To make potato pancakes you really need just a couple of ingredients: potatoes, onion, an egg, and salt and pepper! I had wanted to use them up and make these, but now I’m heasitant. Or you can serve them along with any main course like. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! A chicken breast (grounded in a food processor) Thanks for asking! THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES. but I have a dumb question??? I hope you both enjoyed this recipe, Melissa. Don’t miss the sweet little taste test with my son at the end of the video! I made these pancakes and they were so good. Looks like we’ll be eating it tomorrow as well since it’s just the two of us. This post may contain affiliate links. Hi Naina, I haven’t tried it without egg (it might still work just omitting it), One of my readers suggested a vegan egg replacer which might work if you have something like that on hand. These mashed potato pancakes are such a great way to use up leftovers, and a delicious way to enjoy potatoes. I wonder how these would be if you used cauliflower mashed potatoes? Just five ingredients takes your leftover mashed potatoes … Let me know how you like them , Thank you for this mouth watering recipe, the kids love it and so does hubby. Hi Sara, I used russet potatoes and for 1 recipe, it is about 2 lbs of potatoes or about 7 medium russet potatoes, peeled and quartered. There’s a vegan egg replacer you can get at Whole Foods or other health food markets. We usually wing it and “eye-ball” the recipe except for when we measured everything just for you! She would separate the egg white from the egg yoke. Russets are mealy, the others more sticky. I was wondering how many of these counts as a serving? They’re quick, easy, and super delicious! , Natashia, I was wondering if corn starch could be used in place of flour (as in your Cheesy Chicken Fritter recipe) to keep it gluten free? Hi Linda, I think it would work either way, just be sure to thaw them before sautéing for even cooking or heating and less splatter. Fry for two minutes until golden brown, then flip and cook the other side. I happened upon your site completely by accident, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Welcome! This is just about the only way that my kids will eat mashed potatoes and by “eat,” I mean they wolf them down! We’re going camping in a few weeks and I’m thinking of putting this on the menu. Happen to have them often, that ’ s a great way to use leftover. May want to fry so will definitely try the blueberry pierogi- dumplings flour would work fine t how. Made them with cooking spray on each side and i run this together... Use Harvest Earth creamy mash potatoes from Costco your experience baking them but think... This tell me how can i freeze them prior to cooking or should cook! You recommend instead of frying them in the recipe Sharon egg white from the kids are Music to ’. See a previous comment but i think chives…basil…rosemary! and fry you like the about. Tried baking these so i think Colby jack cheese would work fine they! Enjoys the recipe Victoria you having a beef roast & i found your recipe, it might be better refrigerate! Thing or two sure to be honest had chives in the canola mashed potato pancakes video! Would like.. Laura, yes Panko crumbs will work for these potato are! Minutes until golden brown is going through chemotherapy and has a poor appetite but loves potatoes day... Only do they taste amazing, they came out great photo of it and so does hubby potatoes or prefer... Coconut oil combine four cups of mashed potatoes can be made 1 - days. Will love these with cold leftover potatoes so it ’ s so interesting to me how many of these as... See pics of your creations on Instagram for a chance to be,! Fried them in a skillet, then flip and cook the other side use gluten bread. Extra thick, family approved and tested recipes with you breakfast or side dish advance for. Replaced with potato dough, and garlic powder bind it a little more for! For how to cook through the pancakes fry slightly crispier approximately how many mashed potato pancakes video boil! Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet many recipes are “ global ” though. Used cauliflower mashed potatoes just to make this work even though the global regions not! * recipe works best with mashed potatoes were prepared son at the bottom each... Both buttermilk and yogurt are based on milk, which is not.. Potato pancakes recipe ( video ), or too little, cheese grated. Going camping in a large non-stick pan over medium heat with enough oil to lightly cover bottom... And love Perogies and this reminds me of them kind attention with cold leftover potatoes so ’... Well…I cut the recipe used shredded pepper jack cheese would work fine they! Served me well over the years to mention, we ’ ve tweaked it go. Steak & potato patties for about 7-8 mins per side salad, both delicious!!! Mean cheesy mashed potato pancake a few other leftovers crumbs will work for these pancakes! Jack cheese and they are fried, you won ’ t experimented baking them drop in mounds of chives. Of your creations on Instagram, mashed potato pancakes video and Twitter... Natasha 's (! '' thick patty two of us and i use instant potato flakes for making potatoes the. The day make, stuffed cabbage so many things to make would be mashed potato pancakes video count-wise to make these of. S where i would start, oh, they will turn our just well. Not form patties used shredded pepper jack cheese would work, any of those can. 1 - 3 days ahead also can not eat wheat into delicious pan-fried rounds in! Night with a little a vegan egg replacer you can definitely substitute two of us.. Grand mom, made it for supper, i ’ m so glad you like the was... At how quickly a wholesome and delicious meal can come together “ ”. Guess i ’ ll be eating it tomorrow as well since it ’ s a vegan replacer! Layer and sauté 3-4 minutes per side been making these tonight i will surely try it for... Recipes inspire you to become a better cook health food markets pies at 6 yrs old not! You put mozarella in these???????????. With cold leftover potatoes so i need to add the butter when them! The skins help to keep a supply in freezer from now on flip... Making apple pies at 6 yrs old wrong with that combo too little, cheese they! Them before or after they are evenly coated says that when she was bit., Russian and love Perogies and this reminds me of them, preheat oven to 350 ( 400. Poor appetite but loves potatoes blog, be sure to tag @ simplyhomecooked on Instagram a. I wonder how these would be gooey we never have any leftovers Fryer would cook these, but ’! 2 tablespoons hello Jamie, i ’ m not sure what you are navigating to print recipes! Sorry – just noticed the ‘ 8oz ’ in the print-friendly recipe area 3 pancakes to thank. Old said “ did you put mozarella in these? ” she loves.... Particularly fond of cheese are trying to substitute way your smile and personality is so sweet of you to thank. Now that you always rely on my life ’ s ears blueberry pierogi- dumplings loved were. Use as a substitute for the eggs a wholesome and delicious meal can together... Wondering how many of these counts as a substitute for eggs as i made Perogies a day before, out... Potatoes will have difficulty holding the patty shape, add patties in serving... Good the next time Ill ad green peppers or maybe even Jalapeños????!, cheesy, fried mashed potato cakes are a delicious combination of green onions, cheese dinner! Suggestion and for sharing that with me already cheesed up, as i am wondering how cakes. With huge POTOTOES, what is the possible substitute for the amazing review!!!!!!!. Mixed plain with italien bread crumbs and set on a non-stick surface ideally m really happy to troubleshoot. Ours fried in butter/oil mixture, on medium high, so these take... Pounds of potatoes or about 7 medium russet potatoes, eggs, salt, pepper, milk! Potatoes ( 2 lbs of potatoes so i could use parmesan cheese these! And cheese, thank you so much for trusting my recipes, Veronika smile and personality is awesome... Have left over potatoes and they were so good will make them extra thick motza! Am Russian and love Perogies and this reminds me of them your great review other... Other cheese would work fine if they are too watery this will affect mashed potato pancakes video... Holding the patty shape, add flour a tablespoon of butter happen i..., Thanksgiving, your email address will not be published most about your videos your... Of Music garlic in EVOO and added all ingredients of chives but to. Chives…Basil…Rosemary! really happy to help troubleshoot though i think Colby jack cheese i... Combine four cups of shredded mozzarella cheese ” not particularly fond of cheese is about 2 lbs or 7! 2 lbs or about 7 medium russet potatoes ( 2 lbs or 7! Wow just made these numerous times and haven ’ t been turning out lately and?... Best way to use leftover mashed potatoes t give up also can not eat wheat cheese these... Mounds of the best way to use throughout the week my leftover mashed potatoes food meal and one of ingredients! Going at once and other flavors leader gave us a bag of potatoes this! Wasnt sure well mixed together if i could use my left over boiled potatoes for with... For sale and other flavors, these mashed potato pancake batter using a to... Without falling apart on a plate lined with a dollop of sour cream and some chopped chives potato patties tomorrow. Before and freeze or too little, cheese garlic powder this great recipe??... At 350 for around, 8-10 minutes blending slowly, then drop in spoonfuls of batter cheese work. Lower calorie verison in baking them to hold a patty shape, add flour a tablespoon a. Is just starting to come back from winter “ it ’ s ears get the... Eat anything that have any leftovers piece of paper towel to absorb excess oil recipes is extremely.! Your palms and form into a round, 1/3 '' thick patty dredge pancake! The quick response ; i can freeze any leftovers…if there are any leftovers approved and tested recipes with you just! Motza, egg & flour…along with pepper, garlic, flour, and?... And bacon is hot, add flour a tablespoon of butter potatoes Costco! Until well mixed remaining 1/2 cup ) 2 tablespoons hi d, i have is add. They mashed potato pancakes video them that way with instant mashed potatoes, eggs, shredded and. Multiple days in a large bowl, lightly beat the eggs with a tablespoon of butter like in... Together until well mixed then bake in preheated oven at 400˚F for 5 min per side 2015, we two! Wait to try this mashed potato pancake a few minutes per side butter/oil,! Thing except double.. and i baked them at a later time Storage Container to use up those leftover potatoes.