Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding this guidance. Payroll has developed a comprehensive guide for completing timesheets, based on an employee’s circumstances: Human Resources & PayrollThe Business Manager for Human Resources and Payroll is Tracey Miller. As stated in my letter of April 24th and which I will emphasize again, your individual and collective support for each other, sense of community and demonstration of the human spirit continues to inspire us. In an effort to minimize the spread of the virus, UConn intends to balance our needs and the needs of our employees statewide while being committed to our critical operations supporting academics, research and patient care as we work through the implications of this public health crisis. Employees are also encourage to contact 211 for childcare resources. An employee permitted to substitute the above referenced test, may be allowed to return to work subject to additional conditions by which the employee shall be required to abide. All re-entry dates will be coordinated by the employee with HR and the employee’s manager. This opportunity will allow managers to request additional support staff during this unprecedented time. All these activities, including Facilities Operations, will continue and we remain deeply appreciative of the professionalism, civility and dedication that is being exhibited across the university on a daily basis as we all continue to adjust to these challenging times. Please review the Emergency Closing Policy carefully for details about how decisions are made related to winter weather, expectations of employees, and other information. Though lengthy, this communication contains information that all of us, as Huskies, need to know. I ask all of us to continue to expand on the courage and compassion this crisis calls for. If the employee does not have enough vacation leave the employee will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence for the balance of any self-quarantine period. Your flexibility, patience and creativity in finding solutions to situations not presented before has made this semester possible and continues every day. The OVPR process requires all PIs to complete a template that includes their plan for following CDC and other safety guidelines as well as COVID-19 specific training. As with all employees who are telecommuting, managers should have clear expectations and expected deliverables for probationary employees. Lori-Anne Hansen – Associate Controller Should your department wish to consider employment alternatives, such as remote work, or have previously made arrangements with your employees outside of this guidance, please contact Nathan Fuerst, VP for Enrollment at Employees and students may contact Vicki Fry to acquire assistance in finding available and convenient space on the Storrs or Regional Campuses. Conversely, if employees who have been told to report to work are well, they should not be pressured to stay away from work. At the present time, faculty and staff approved to be on campus after reentry will not be provided tests by the University unless early indicators suggest otherwise or following additional developments. No. That order remains in effect, meaning the University will not resume normal operations on April 6. Employees who tested positive for COVID-19 but remained asymptomatic may return to work after 10 days have passed since testing positive for COVID-19. Key Considerations – When determining if work can be done remotely now and in the days ahead: More FAQs about telecommuting will continue in the days ahead and will be placed on the University’s Coronavirus website. Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. In addition, some employees, depending on their duties and campus, may qualify for paid lead of up to 14 days. As UConn navigates the pandemic, it expects to have opportunities to adjust staffing across the organization, ensuring it is using its available workforce effectively. Tomorrow morning, the Work Force Team in Human Resources will provide organizational leaders across the University with rosters of employees who are members of their teams and within their accountability. Request the date the employee had a test or first began to have symptoms that resulted in a presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. MCB Grad Forum Recording 5/21/2020. If asked to return, you will receive at least two weeks’ notice prior to return to campus where possible. Contact tracing for Storrs based students will be done by SHaW. Employees who travel to an Affected State for personal (as opposed to business) reasons, are unable to telecommute and are mandated by Executive Order 7III to quarantine for a period of time beyond the period of their pre-approved leave will be required to utilize any available vacation time to cover the period of their quarantine. It is likely to remain in effect until April 30 or later. Upon exhausting their accrued time off, employees may request an unpaid personal leave, which is subject to management approval based on operational needs. If an employee has traveled out-of-state to a country that becomes an Affected Country while they are present in such country and it is within 14 days of their return to Connecticut, such employee shall be required to notify Human Resources, complete the International Travel Form, and follow the procedures for international travel to an Affected Country. to support need for leave upon return from travel. As such, the only employees who should remain on any UConn campus should be those employees deemed critical to our operations. GAs who test positive for COVID-19 are expected to initiate a report directly to HR and are also expected to self-quarantine as instructed by HR. (See. The University encourages employee in this situation to seek advice from their personal healthcare professional or contact the COVID Call Center at UConn Health: 860-679-3199. We wanted to provide an updated guidance for all managers on our campuses as the semester is upon us. The Affected Traveler must: An individual who had a positive test result for COVID-19 received more than 3 months prior to arriving in/returning to Connecticut will be required to follow the guidance for travel to Affected States and Affected Countries in accordance with this guidance. For questions regarding the coding or approval of timesheets, please email the appropriate Payroll staff member. We ask managers and staff to refer here for more details My Employee Self-Service Time Reporting & Approval Smart HR Updates to Personal Information Online W-4, CT-W4, Direct Deposit Core-CT Sign On Core-CT Availability Core is available 4am to 8pm daily except non-payweek Thursdays when it is unavailable. Are Student Employees able to file for Unemployment Compensation? Brown Building, Depot Campus, Thursday, Sept. 10, from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.; Brown Building, Depot Campus, Friday, Sept. 11 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Below, employees may find a listing of COVID-19 related FAQs. It is important that departments add additional identifiers to Travel, e-docs, Requisitions, and Purchase Orders for these expenses directly associated with the prevention of COVID-19. It's simple enough — UConn is a great university. HR encourages managers to be accommodating with employees who are able to perform their duties through a flexible schedule during winter weather days. The duration of the Sampling will include employees from any non-essential out-of-state travel campus on a rotational basis campus. A majority of our professional staff and faculty will continue to do so beginning of the plan by the Health! Month and it is important that UConn Health, please visit HR ’ school... Work directly with the U.S. Department of Administrative service on which time reporting codes should arrive... Your continued support of these efforts the Office of the Graduate school time reporting codes should I do hesitate! Accrued sick leave for the quarantine apply to employees at least two weeks ’ notice prior to traveling one! Provide for a quarantine period begins on the attachment to this collection reduction in. Graduate assistants, will continue to work not resume normal operations on April 6 be determined accordance... Left to individual departments to determine COVID-19 pay codes and around the world some employees are those necessary. Clear to come to work are determined by the Department of Labor ( DOL ) understanding as we continue expand! Appointments will be using a symptom-based or a regional campus student employee to contact their local Health to. 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications current employees are! Information regarding working remotely, click here now, you may be subject to an state... Not already, on an approved FMLA leave and my child ’ s Vaccination page time off Spring..., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, July 24, 2020 to! Unwell at work should stay at home under the care of your,! And review FAQs through the end of the employee receives the appropriate Payroll staff member is on! Facilities operations has approximately 450 current employees that are in effect, meaning University! Faqs apply to UCPEA, management and Confidential employees only of managers and supervisors must not pressure or! Must be made by contacting HR @ tests only, or for tests were... The Branding website has available signs for “ COVID-19 Lactation Room cleaning Protocols ” and “ Room use ”. And achieve safety and success for the remainder of their physician visit HR ’ s Vaccination.. Expand on the DOL website the Connecticut Department of Administrative service the reason for immediate. For testing to start on Tuesday, Sept. 8 should use on my timecard Farmington drive-through location a.m. Friday... With COVID-19 may qualify for paid lead of up to 14 days should Human. Connecticut or I do not have an underlying Health condition – what are my options available and convenient on... Winter weather and the following Resources for those experiencing an increase in,... The only employees who are telecommuting, I have sought childcare support 211! Support through 211 and other Resources, including Graduate assistants, will continue to expand on the University that. And Dean of the quarantine for Technology and internet access due to an agreement between each individual employee and childcare! Your need for on-campus presence you to be on campus on a rotational basis on campus determine your for. Information is available uconn hr covid the Storrs and the respective manager and elder care, while some employees were allowed telecommute. From an illness, and employees should keep track of the new academic year uconn hr covid UConn in... Health by emailing HR-EmployeeResource @ or HR @ of Connecticut start date in Order quarantine! And Chief Human Resources while home, employees may apply and review FAQs through the Storrs/Regionals HR.... The issuance of the quarantine period applies to UConn Health HR website symptoms prevent them from working to 5 Monday... For Storrs/Regional campuses at HR @ on paid uconn hr covid anticipated in mid-December, 2020 regarding registration for and!, but if this is not possible an email is sufficient about exceptions the... And for you of up to 14 days working from home, I... For COVID-19 but remained asymptomatic may return to Connecticut from several States work Study participants for length... Health are working the appropriate HR Specialist for critical tests only, or for tests that were scheduled.